Aug 17, 2018

How to Find the Best Trades for August and September 2018 + An Intro To Our 90-Day Roadmap

Here is the replay from this week's workshop.

We covered my simple 3 step process for finding the best swing trades... Enjoy!

During the webinar, we also introduced our new 90-Day Roadmap for Swing Traders!

Here are some of the benefits of the Roadmap:

Daily Strategy Notifications: You'll get step by step instructions on how to set up your account to receive daily strategy notifications via email one hour before the market closes.

Strategy Training: You'll get video training released to you almost every day walking you through the strategy setups, why and how they work.

Weekly Live Q&A: Every Tuesday at 4 pm ET we will host a live training call where you can ask questions and engage with other traders in our community. These sessions will help you get up to speed super fast.

Trade Journal: Accountability is so important, in this program you'll get our robust trade journal so you can track and monitor your progress. 

The Best Stocks to Use: Discover the very best stocks to use with our strategy setups so you don't have to guess which stocks will work best. 

How to Trade with Options: If you want to leverage up with options we will show you the best options strategies to use (and if you're new to options you'll also receive our Options class to get you up to speed fast). 

How to Trade with a Small Account: One of the greatest benefits of this roadmap is the training on how to safely leverage a small trading account. 

Get The Best Entries and Exits: If we were to nail down the promise of this class into one sentence it would be "we help you fine tune your entries and exits to maximize profits and limit risk".

Position Sizing 101: You'll learn the best practices for position sizing so you know exactly how much to put in each trade. 

All of this comes with our 90-Day Roadmap and until this Sunday at midnight we're giving it away for free with our Plus Membership.

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PS. When you sign up you'll also get all the other benefits of our membership including charts and data, unlimited backtesting via Smart Studies, access to Seasonality, our community, live daily meetups, our live trade room and tons more.