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What is WallStreet.io?

WallStreet.io gives you a simple way to backtest your stock and options ideas with 1 click. Create your own strategy using our stock and option backtester or Discover top strategies already found by our community using our “crowdsourced strategies” scanner. Then, simply follow the strategy to get entry and exit notifications. Take the guesswork out of your trading and start validating your trades with WallStreet.io today!

Our Features

Access the viability of your trading strategy with our simple to use backtesting tools.

  • Does Your Indicator Work?

    Instantly backtest popular indicators like MACD, Stochastic, and RSI with our drag and drop strategy builder. Access the viability of your strategy before you trade it.

  • Which Option Strategy is Best?

    Narrow in on the best option strategy for your stock by testing and comparing calls, puts, verticals, calendars, butterflies, and any custom multi-leg option strategy you can dream up!

  • Daily Reminders

    Receive entry and exit notifications every day on any stock and options strategy you follow on our platform. Build your own strategy or follow the top strategies discovered by our community.

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All Plans Include

Unlimited Stock Backtesting

Unlimited Options Backtesting

Reactive Results Panel for Backtest Stats

10 Factor Rating System for Strategies

Unlimited Followed Strategies

Daily Email Notifications

Discover Crowdsourced Strategy Scan

Advanced Charts and Drawing Tools

Seasonality Charts on 8,000 stocks & ETF’s

Social Forum + Live Chat Room

Daily Live MeetUps + Recordings

1-on-1 in App Chat Support

Free Stock Market Academy

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