Sep 30, 2018

Will AAPL Break Out Now or Later?

Here is this week's video update. 

Today we covered AAPL's potential this October and what to watch for as the month starts.

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Today's Video Timeline:

(Start) -  AAPL Analysis, planning for October.

(4:26) - Early cycle vs. late cycle, which is it?

(5:27) - AAPL October Seasonality. 

(7:09) - This week, our live MeetUp tomorrow.

(7:36) - ITM vs. OTM options, which are better?

(10:32) - Will AAPL break out now or later?

If you are new to the site:

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PS. Question for the community... will AAPL break out now or later? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks in advance!