WallStreet.io House Rules

We created Wall Street io to be a safe place to easily learn stock and option trading and share stock market ideas. We encourage a wide range of opinions and strong arguments, however we also believe that a respectful, spam-free and on-topic stream creates the most valuable experience for all our users.

To help ensure the best experience for all our users we have developed the following house rules, which highlight behaviors that are not accepted within the Wall Street io community.

Violations of these rules will lead to the deletion of offending messages and where deemed necessary the permanent suspension of your Wall Street io account and a ban from creating additional accounts.


Disagreement and debate about stock ideas, option ideas and general market ideas is encouraged within the community, however attacking other members or contributors is not a constructive form of debate. The following behaviors are not permitted:

  • Personal Information: The solicitation or collection of members personal information is strictly prohibited

  • Insults & Harassment : You may not send messages or make posts that insult or harass another person on Wall Street io.

  • Threats: You may not send messages or make posts that threaten another person on Wall Street io.

  • Derogatory Language: You may not send messages or make posts that are derogatory or racist against a particular group of people on Wall Street io.

  • Vulgarity: You should not use vulgarity when mentioning a stock or within your Wall Street io name or username.


Many of the members who participate in the Wall Street io community are actively involved in the business of finance and markets. While we encourage participation from everyone, we ask that your actions on the site focus on sharing ideas and information, not on directly promoting products and services to other members or on trying to draw attention to yourself in ways that are not productive for the entire community. Below are activities that we consider spam and are not permitted.

  • Messages with links that lead to a landing page or sales pitch, instead of the idea or content promised; it is acceptable if a paid service, email list or other sign up is advertised on the linked page, as long as the content highlighted in the message is also available to all users, without having to take any additional action.

  • Sending unsolicited replies, mentions, or direct messages promoting a paid service or product.

  • Tagging a stock in a post or link that has little or nothing to do with the stock (also known as Ticker Spam).

  • Posting the same, or very similar, messages or links multiple times.

  • Sending messages promoting gains on trades that you did not originally share on Wall Street io.

  • Sending messages or making posts promoting penny stocks in not permitted.

  • Following large numbers of users for the purpose of soliciting follows back from those users; good followers come from contributing and interacting within the community.

Cheerleading, Bashing and Manipulation

With any discussion about stocks, it is critical to the community that there be no perception of manipulation or attempts to create personal gain from the information being contributed. We encourage all members to disclose positions as part of the discussion. Additionally, any of the following behaviors will not be tolerated:

  • Sending messages or making posts with the intent of moving a stock.

  • Sending repeated overly positive or negative messages or posts about a particular stock without new or substantive information.

  • Spreading false rumors about a particular stock.

  • Distributing links to websites known to manipulate stocks.

  • Creating multiple accounts to message or post about a particular stock, duplicate messages or otherwise violate these House Rules.

Thank You for your cooperation in making Wall Street io the #1 social platform for stock and option traders.

- The Wall Street io Team -