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The MACD is one of the most powerful indicators because of it’s ability to show both trend and momentum. This video series shows you how the different elements of the MACD work and the best ways to apply them to your trading.

The RSI is a great strength indicator however there are a few common misconceptions behind using it. This video series demystifies the RSI indicator by breaking it down into key components and a visual guide.

Stochastics SERIES - CONTENT:
The stochastic is a great complimentary indicator for quick entries and exits. This video series will show you the character and application of this fast paced indicator including how to apply it to your trading.

Moving Averages SERIES - CONTENT:
Moving averages are not given the attention they deserve. In this series you’ll learn the distinctions between the moving average (MA), exponential moving average (EMA ) and double exponential moving average (DEMA).

Learn some simple ways to use the heikin-ashi aggregate chart to help gauge momentum, direction and trend. Heikin-ashi is the foundation of the PayDay Cycle strategy. This lesson covers the basics of this powerful chart.

Discover the best way to using moving average crosses including what to expect as far as trade length, risk reward batting average and how to apply a simple moving average cross to your trading.

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