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The MACD is one of the most powerful indicators because of it’s ability to show both trend and momentum. This video series shows you how the different elements of the MACD work and the best ways to apply them to your trading.
MACD Episode 1 Basics
  • 3 mins
MACD Ep 01 "The Basics" - In this episode:

In this first episode we cover the basics of the MACD including:

- parts of the MACD

- signals

- the "lingo" of using it

MACD Episode 2 How Good is the MACD?
  • 4 mins
MACD Ep 02 Performance - In this episode:

How good is the MACD? How can we get better results? What are the best settings? We'll look at MACD performance and start to answer these questions.

MACD Episode 3 What is Behind the MACD?
  • 5 mins
MACD Ep 03 Settings Pt 1 - In this episode:

It's very important to understand first the concepts BEHIND the MACD and how it works. Randomly plugging in numbers won't work without an idea of what those numbers represent.

MACD Episode 4 Adjusting MACD Settings
  • 4 mins
MACD Ep 04 Settings Pt 2 - In this episode:

The truth is that there is NO MAGIC BULLET combination of numbers to use with the MACD for all stocks in all markets. However, these are some practical ways to choose meaningful numbers when adjusting the settings of the MACD.

MACD Episode 5 MACD Character and Trades
  • 5 mins
MACD Ep 05 "Character & Trades" - In this episode:

The MACD has a character that suits it to a certain type of interpretation. Also, understand that there are some nuances of the MACD that could be mistaken for signals. Armed with this advanced knowledge, you can finally draw inferences as to what kinds of trades are appropriate.


The RSI is a great strength indicator however there are a few common misconceptions behind using it. This video series demystifies the RSI indicator by breaking it down into key components and a visual guide.
RSI Episode 4 What is the RSI?
  • 2 mins
The Basics of RSI - In this episode:

In this first video we cover the key components of the RSI indicator.

RSI Episode 2 How is the RSI Calculated?
  • 3 mins
A Visual Guide to How the RSI is Calculated - In this episode:

Ever wonder what exactly is moving that RSI line up and down? For most, the math and formula's get in the way of understanding what is happening. In this video, anyone can understand the basic idea driving the values of the RSI.

RSI Episode 3 RSI Traps to Avoid
  • 4 mins
Advanced Comprehension of the RSI - In this episode:

There are a few traps to avoid when using the RSI. Lots of traders are quick to take "Overbought" and "Oversold" at face value, but not us. In this video we'll cover the nuances of how price levels influence RSI levels.

RSI Episode 4 Applying the RSI
  • 4 mins
Application of the RSI - In this episode:

RSI is great as a strength indicator and even better when combined with other methods and indicators. Think of it as highlighting specific points on a chart, or timing "which" bottom or top to trade within the context of a bigger trend. We'll also discuss range shift and divergences in this final video.


The stochastic is a great complimentary indicator for quick entries and exits. This video series will show you the character and application of this fast paced indicator including how to apply it to your trading.
Stochastics Episode 1 The Stochastic Oscillator
  • 2 mins
Stochastics Ep 01 Basics - In this episode:

The basic components and signals of the Stochastic Oscillator.

Stochastics Episode 2 Visualizing Stochastics
  • 3 mins
Stochastics Ep 02 Visual Guide to Stochastics - In this episode:

A visual explanation of how the prices on a chart affect the Stochastic indicator.

Stochastics Episode 3 Backtesting Stochastics
  • 2 mins
Stochastics Ep 03 Backtest Results - In this episode:

The main thing to note about Stochastic Crossover vs Stochastic Threshold is the trade length.

Stochastics Episode 4 Applying Stochastics
  • 2 mins
Stochastics Ep 04 Character & Application - In this episode:

Stochastics are a simple indicator, so we wrap with what I think is the best way to think of stochastics as well as advice on it's application.

Moving Averages

Moving averages are not given the attention they deserve. In this series you’ll learn the distinctions between the moving average (MA), exponential moving average (EMA ) and double exponential moving average (DEMA).
Moving Averages Episode 1 The Simple Moving Average
  • 3 mins
Moving Averages Ep 01 "Simple Moving Average" - In this episode:

Moving Averages are not given the attention they deserve. They're powerful indicators and in this series we hope to give you new ideas around them. We kick things of with the granddaddy of them all-- The Simple Moving Average

Moving Averages Episode 2 The Exponential Moving Average
  • 4 mins
Moving Averages Ep 02 "Exponential Mov Avg" - In this episode:

The Exponential Moving Average, or EMA, attempts to address the "Drop Off" problem and create an average that more closely follows price.

Moving Averages Episode The Double Exponential Moving Average
  • 4 mins
Moving Averages Ep 03 "Double Exponential M.A." - In this episode:

This is an eye-opener revealing how the Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA) is created. The answer will surprise you and reveal why the DEMA seems to almost have a mind of its own.

Moving Averages Episode 4 Moving Average Strategies
  • 5 mins
Moving Averages Ep 04 "Moving Avg Performance" - In this episode:

In this video we look at the stats for lots of Moving Average strategies on the site. We'll talk about establishing a baseline, filtering with a bell curve in mind, and find what other indicators might work well combined with Moving Averages.

Moving Averages Episode 5 How to Use Moving Averages
  • 4 mins
Moving Averages Ep 05 "4 Ways to Use Mov Avgs" - In this episode:

There are generally 4 ways to use Moving Averages

-Dynamic Support & Resistance

-Basis for Deviations

-General Trend Filter

-Specific Trigger or Signal


Learn some simple ways to use the heikin-ashi aggregate chart to help gauge momentum, direction and trend. Heikin-ashi is the foundation of the PayDay Cycle strategy. This lesson covers the basics of this powerful chart.
Heikin-Ashi Episode 1 What is Heikin-Ashi?
  • 5 mins
Heikin-Ashi Ep 01 "Introduction" - In this episode:

We dive right in with an explanation of how the Heikin-Ashi bars are created. Many traders ask what the "Open" and "Close" prices on Heikin-Ashi bars are based on. We'll answer those questions and more!

Heikin-Ashi Episode 2 Heikin-Ashi Strategies
  • 5 mins
Heikin-Ashi Ep 02 "Strategy Performance" - In this episode:

Starting with a baseline filter for all Heikin-Ashi strateiges, we figure out the bell curve distribution of:

- Trade Length

- Batting Average

- Risk : Reward

Also, discover which other indicators pair well with Heikin-Ashi.

Heikin-Ashi Episode 3 When to Use Heikin-Ashi
  • 7 mins
Heikin-Ashi Ep 03 "Characteristics" - In this episode:

There are no gaps on a Heikin-Ashi chart, so there are some things to look for to stay out of trouble. Stocks that work well with heikin-ashi seem to exhibit a certain strategic trait. This is the final video in the series.

MA Cross

Discover the best way to using moving average crosses including what to expect as far as trade length, risk reward batting average and how to apply a simple moving average cross to your trading.
Moving Average Crossovers Episode 1 All About Crossovers
  • 5 mins
MA Cross Ep 01 "All About Crossovers" - In this episode:

Before watching this series, you need to watch the series on Moving Averages. In this first episode, we cover all we need to know about the MA Cross indicator, including a very unusual DEMA based crossover.

Moving Average Crossovers Episode 2 Moving Average Cross Strategies
  • 4 mins
MA Cross Ep 02 "Performance" - In this episode:

What to expect from most MA Cross based strategies. We give a report on Trade Length, Risk Reward, and Batting Average. Finally, take a look at which other indicators combine well with MA Cross.


The DMI is the foundation for the ADX indicator. This quick video series walks you through the different parts of the indicator, including how to read the various stages / states of the indicator.
DMI and ADX Episode 1 What are the DMI and ADX?
  • 3 mins
DMI & ADX Ep 01 - In this episode:

We introduce the parts of the ADX and DMI. How to read the indicator. And more!

DMI and ADX Episode 2 How the DMI is Created
  • 6 mins
DMI & ADX Ep 02 - In this episode:

The DMI is the foundation of the ADX. In this video we walk through the stages of how the DMI is created.

DMI and ADX Episode 3 How the ADX is Created
  • 5 mins
DMI & ADX Ep 03 - In this episode:

In this final episode we cover how the ADX line is created from the DMI and the character and nuances of using it.