WallStreet I/O is an educational platform designed to help stock and option traders by giving them a safe social forum to share ideas and ask questions. Over time we've built more features for our community we felt were a "missing" from other social forums.

We spent much of 2015 planning and building things that we haven’t shown you yet, and we’re on the verge of releasing the first of four major new features we have planned for you in 2016.

Before I get into what we're creating for you in 2016, let’s take stock of…

Where We’ve Come Over the Last Few Years

Before WallStreet I/O and even before the AAPLTrader Social Network, I was a AAPL options trader and before that I was once a newbie trader...

Two problems I noticed about the stay at home trading world when I was a newbie:

  1. Trading at home was difficult when done alone.

  2. Stock and Option Education was expensive (you can easily spend $25,000 or more on training and seminars).

To solve the first problem I started a small master mind group with 5 other traders. I started filming videos over the weekend to teach them some of the complex option strategies I was doing…

This was 6 years ago.

It wasn't long before my Sunday videos started being shared all over the internet. You can see an old one I did here on AAPL Max Pain Theory back in 2011, five years ago.

I started getting requests from everyone to "put together a website" to keep all these videos in one place and to give everyone a place to hang out and share ideas.

That is when AAPLTrader was born. It started out as a small social network for me and a few friends...

...Then this happened...

MarketWatch said we were "The Best Website for Apple Traders"

All of a sudden our little community got 10,000 clicks in a weekend and we weren't so little anymore.

We started to grow and I got to personally meet and chat with over a thousand traders.

- Some super successful billionaire hedge fund managers.

- Some former floor traders.

- And lots of people who needed help.

Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve helped thousands of traders become more successful and consistent traders.

But More Important Than Anything Above, I’m Proud of How we Changed the Industry, Set New Standards, and Made Education Available for Everyone.

How We Changed The Game...

It became very clear that those traders who didn’t have a solid stock and option education ended up making amateur mistakes, mostly around failing to manage risk. These mistakes would cause them to quickly get washed out of the market.

The alternative for them was to fork out $25,000 and up to $40,000 to one of the big education firms to take some basic level seminars hoping to pick up a few tricks of the trade.

Because of this high entry price for education most traders couldn’t afford it so they didn't get it.

This lack of education started them out at an instant disadvantage. Knowing this was happening to people kept me up at night.

After reviewing the curriculums of these $25,000 programs I realized that they left out a ton of stuff.

It almost made it risky for the less savvy students because it gave them just enough info to be dangerous.

Most traders don’t know how to manage risk and most of these programs didn’t actually teach it.

Based on my observations and my trading skills I realized I could create a better stock and option curriculum.

So I did....

And I gave it away for only $3.23/day, forever changing the way the retail trader can learn the foundations of stocks and options.

This Reduced the Cost of Education by 99%. I'd say it was a HUGE Success.

Along the way we received some reviews from people who I consider to be game changing traders themselves...

Micah has “The best option modules in the world.”  Marc Chaikin.

When I first started our University I realized that I can do so much more education and teaching through the use of tools than through just slide shows.

I had a lot of things to say about swing trading, option trading, the Greeks and managing risk and I always thought that tools were the best ways to teach it.

There’s a good Buckminster Fuller quote that describes exactly why I'm building a new suite of tools for you…

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to a new way of thinking.”

My Biggest Investment of 2015

Members often ask me what my biggest investment was last year… My answer often catches people off guard because…. “My biggest investment last year was in you and in our community”.

Last year we re-branded AAPLTrader as WallStreet I/O and to do so we had to build a brand new website from scratch. This required thousands of hours of engineering and thousands of lines of code.

Here’s how we did it...

Lets use a gym as an example.

One of the reasons people join a gym is because they can’t afford all the equipment themselves.

Instead, they pay a small monthly membership, the gym invests the monthly membership fees and buys awesome equipment so that everyone benefits.

I’ve basically taken the same approach,  I’ve been re-investing the membership fees (plus a ton of my own money) on:

  • Servers.

  • Data fees for stock charts.

  • Engineers to build the site and tools.

  • Contributors to help our members.

  • Basically everything that makes the site awesome.

So far I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building the framework for our site and our first round of tools. The kind of tools I wish I had when I first started trading.  

The bottom line...Unless you're a big bank, which we'll get to in the next post, you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay to build your own suite of stock trading tools.

But when we get a lot of people to contribute a small amount  each we can build that tool and we can all benefit from it.

My Investment Paid Off For Our Members

Since the launch of WallStreet I/O I’ve received emails from people saying...

“I know for sure I’ve made $320,000 trading profit over the past 4 years using your PayDayCycle Analysis… I have the confidence to be successful at my dream job.”

When I get emails like this I know my investment paid off for the community.

We Are On The Verge of Launching Our Next Tool For You!

In the world we live in now, it's not enough to only have a solid stock and option education.

Education is only half the game.

It's also now necessary to be well informed regarding a stock's potential.

The problem is that figuring out a “stock’s potential” can be difficult if not impossible. Especially when you’re looking at thousands of stocks containing millions of data points.

If only there was a tool that helped us with this….

…. I hope I didn't say too much here, I’ll have more for you in the next blog post so keep your eyes out for a email from me some time next week where I’ll give you more of a preview of our newest tool.

This will be the first of four major tools we’re building for you in 2016….giddy up!

Let me know what you think about all this in the comments below! Thanks in advance.



PS. The next post in this series is now live...

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