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At WallStreet.io, we’ve built the world’s fastest stock and options backtester where traders can instantly test indicators and see batting average, risk-reward, annual returns, and more. These backtests – or crowd sourced strategies – get ranked and become discoverable by all members of our community to use or follow.

Combined with our expansive library of live meetups and on-demand education, we’ve created the platform we wish we had when we started trading. We’ve let our curiosity and trading experience guide us to creating tools and features to support all traders through their journey and at their own pace. Every day, we look forward to pushing our community forward in our shared success.

Micah Lamar - Founder and CEO

Micah Lamar Wallstreet.io Founder and CEO

Micah Lamar, founder and CEO of WallStreet.io, began his investing career over a decade ago after discovering options. As the markets collapsed in 2008, he quickly turned his focus to learning advanced strategies and spent years researching and creating his own winning strategies.